Satyender ji Maharaj

Som Darshan is the main preaching of the Satyasmee Dharma Grantha by which all devotees can easily know that phase of the religion where all the religions become unanswerable.The major knowledge of Satyasmee is that the major root is “Satya Narayan” and from Satya Narayan ,these all came like Its “Satya Om Darshan”Means A Religion Of Reality Or A Religion Of God.
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ram, Krishna, Mahaveer, Buddha, Moosa, Jarthustra, Paan-Ku, Zeus, Ai-janami, Jesus,Mohammad,Guru Gobind Singh(Kalyug incarnation) ,these all are purush or male incarnations. Even all these seven religions of world like Hinduism, Islam,Sikhism,Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsee, these all give recognition to purush or male god.Whether its Shaiv, Shakti, Vaishnav  or Ganpatya sects or mata, even these all also favour purush or male gods. Even all vedas, Puranas, Shaastra and upnishads also favour purush or male god and in end ,there is declaration of the judgement day or pralay or end of the earth. The famous predictor Nostradamus had never given any future predictions regarding any female incarnation that ever any female would establish the recognition of female religion or dharma. Now one question arises here,”the impact of male gods and its incarnations would be always forever or not” but satyasmee dharma grantha denies all these possibilities with stable proofs beceause the oneness or uniqueness of stri(female) + purush (male) + seed[electron+proton+neutron] is the soul (aatma) and the emerging of aatma is this whole nature or paramaatma or God.According to satyasmee darshan , in this world there were 12 purush or male incarnations who were supported by stri(female) and now after that there will be 12 stri or female incarnations and these will be supported by purush(male). According to Satyasmee darshan , there are 24 elemental forms in a soul ( 12 stri + 12 purush ).There are 4 purush yug(male era) : sat yug,Treta yug, dwapar yug and Kali yug and now 4 stri yug (female era):

siddhi yug,chiddhi yug,tapi yug and hansi yug and just like that there are 4 beej(seed) yug : punarja , som , raas and sam. Kaliyug has already come to an end and its incarnation was Guru Govind Singh(1666AD to 1708 AD) and after that stri yug (siddhi yug ) has started. Queen Victoria Elizabeth Ist (1547 AD to 1603 AD) had started female empowerment and become the first lade ruler and after that purush(male) is supporting for the empowerment of females like encouraging widow remarriage, female education,politics and many more and its sure that in forcoming years stri (female) power will get its whole completion. According to Satyasmee Darshan, there is a description of the female incarnations are mainly divided into two major categories: Aadhyatmavtaar (spiritual incarnations) and Bhautik incarnations(worldly incarnations).